Our businesses

Our diversified expertise in the screw-cutting industry extends over several production sites with consequent, modern means of production adapted to the requirements of our customers, giving us a powerful industrial strike force.

Of production area

Production machines

A fully-equipped machine pool

Our varied methods of production enable us to cover and master all precision machining techniques and particularities across all sectors.

Extensive expertise across all the industry-specific requirements

Our six specialized businesses enable us as a Group to cover all market types in order to be present in a wide range of business sectors.

Machining from Ø0,4mm diameter to Ø240mm diameter

We are able to manufacture all types of bar-shaped materials in a range of diameters from 0.4mm to 240mm.

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Machining capacity : Ø10mm to Ø160mm

Machining capacity : Ø5mm to Ø240mm

Machining capacity : Ø5mm to Ø65mm

Machining capacity : Ø4mm to Ø32mm

Machining capacity : Ø0,8mm to Ø65mm
Machining capacity : Ø0,4mm to Ø6,5mm